Business Startup

Startup Capital is a new startup incubator that is independent of the normal channels of capital. We are looking for entrepreneurs with a good idea for a promising startup.

We are always looking for developments into projects that exploit the web. It can be social type websites, business to business or business to consumer. Whatever it is, if it is original or unique, we'd like to see it. We won't even care if it's not complete yet, all we care about is it's a great idea, and you're committed to making it work.

Don't worry, your idea doesn't need to be the next Google (though we'd love to fund something like that too) as long as it is the type that can have just 100,000 active users to be considered a success as long as they are dedicated users who love your website. So niche websites are highly welcome.

Each project is different and the terms for each will be different. We will take an equity stake in the company and in return we offer money to help your company start up as well. This include the infrastructure you'd probably need, servers, computers, maybe some office space, and most important of all, users to try what you have to offer.