Frequently Asked Questions

How much funding do Startup Capital companies receive?

The amount can be up to $50,000 for the first three months and $500,000 to live beta. This is enough time to develop the product and put up a website.

For the right startup in the correct vertical we can provide up to 1,000 visitors per day from our 100,000 total daily visitors.

What else does Startup Capital provide?

The real difference is we provide live users for your project. This will give your company a chance to be viewed and tested by all that elusive and traction-building visitors, a feature which no other VC can offer.

How much advice will we get?

We will let the users give you all the advice you need. If we get to the point of working together, you will only have to ask for advice. The project is yours to build and we will help only to the best of our knowledge.

How do you get all these visitors?

We have invested in a couple of direct navigation companies and can control there destinations of these users. The project built has to match the intent of the user in order to make your project the redirection point for the user.

Example you are doing a site that has to do with cars, we have and will simply either redirect the user to your project or put up a landing page billboard on the talking about your website and see if they will click through to your website.